Mastermind Magic Mushroom Gummy


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Mastermind Magic Mushroom Gummy Bears

Mastermind Psilo gives you a micro-dose of Magic Mushrooms Gummy Bears is a unique product on the market. Taking just one of these can boost your cognitive ability and memory, while giving you a dose of tasty and tender gum! Premium home-grown Blue Meanie Psilocybin mushrooms if offered in 200 mg doses in a format of mouth-watering homemade micro-dosing gummies!

Each bottle consists of 15 gummies (each gummy contains 200 mg of mushrooms):

Improve your mood, clarity and boost your creativity
Each gummy contains 200 mg of a psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom as a micro-dose
Flavor: Blue raspberry
Recommended regimen is two doses per week, or one every two to three days
Gummies micro-dosing protocol
Micro-dosing of psychedelic mushrooms requires a careful regimen and self-monitoring protocol. There are several available protocols out there, suggested by psychedelic experts such as: Paul Stamets, James Fadiman, Paul Austin’s Ultimate Guide to Micro-dosing Psychedelics and etc. Do your research, set a goal and observe your cognitive change during micro-dosing.

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Assorted, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry


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