Shroomies Microbites Assorted Gummies


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Shroomies Microbites Assorted Gummies

Taking psilocybin mushrooms at a sub-hallucinogenic level is considered a “micro-dose”. Integrating micro-dosing into your life can improve your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Its benefits include an elevated mood, an increase in clarity and improved energy. It is often used to manage anxiety, stress and addiction.

Shroomies’ Microbites delivers the perfect dose of mushrooms needed to improve your well-being, while allowing you to function.

Prepare to step up in various aspects of your life.

For microdosing: take 1 gummy bite every three days in the morning.
For pleasure: Take 3-5 gummies for beginners or 5-7 gummies for veterans.

Contains: 15 x 200mg gummy bites for a total of 3000mg per jar.

Ingredients: sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, artificial color, soy lecithin | Active Ingredients: psilocybin mushroom via Lemon Tek

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